Find Your District

District 1: Amelia Drive, Arrowhead Road, Birchwood Drive, Cedar Drive, Country Squire Road, Deer Trail, Edith Street, Esther Court, Feather Lane, Fernwood Drive, Forest Avenue, Fred Street, Glen Place, Green Way, Herbst Road, Hoverman Road, Iris Court, Jay Street, Jean Court, Klein Court, Leoson Parkway, Lindy Place, Little Brook Road, Manwarren Court, Nottingham Court, Old Crown Road, Old Tappan Road (#s 303 to 468), Pine Grove Court, Recktenwald Court, Rickland Road, Roseway Court, Seneca Court, Sunden Court, Sunset Lane, Sycamore Court, Tudor Road, Walter Street, Washington Avenue (odd #’s), Westminster Place, Westwood Avenue (odd #’s), Willow Drive, Windsor Place

District 2: Ampssler Way, Buckingham Place, Burkhardt Lane, Central Avenue, Charles Place, Charlotte Place, Churchill Road, Clark Smith Drive, Corrigan Way, Cripplebush Road, Davenport Court, DeBerg Drive, DeWolf Road (odd #’s), Demarest Lane, Doris Place, Eckerson Court, Fairway Lane, Foxwood Square, Frueh Court, Greenwoods Road, Hampton Ridge Court, Herrick Drive, Holbrook Court, Howard Drive, Ingleside Court, Irving Street, Knickerbocker Lane, Lachmund Court, Lakeview Drive, Leonard Drive, Little Mountain Road, Lone Cedar Way, Mavus Road, McKittrick Court, O’Connor Lane, Ogle Road, Old Church Court, Old Tappan Road (#s 188 – 291), Parker Place, Pearl Court, Phyllis Drive, Pine Hill Road, Russell Avenue, Stewart Court, Stokes Farm Road, Todd Lane, Washington Avenue (even #’s), Westwood Avenue (even #’s)

District 3: Addison Terrace, Ann Street, Autumn Lane, Brownstone Court, Candlewood Drive, Central Avenue, Cheryll Lane, Chestnut Avenue, Clark Avenue, Continental Drive, DeWolf Road (even #’s), Dearborn Drive, Dorotockeys Lane, Elena Drive, Grace Avenue, Haring Drive, Heritage Road, Hillcrest Court, Innkeeper Road, Karyn Court, Kristin Place, Lawrence Court, Lincoln Avenue, Longview Court, Manor Court, Maple Street, Merrywood Court, Moeser Place, Newark Street, Old Farm Road, Old Tappan Road (#s 3 to 195), Orangeburg Road, Orchard Lane, Perry Street, Pheasant Run, Quail Run, Revere Court, Robin Lane, Sherwood Court, Snowcrest Court, Spring Court, Spring Hollow Road, Stonegate, Susan Court, Veterans Way, Weidmann Court, Westcott Street, White Avenue, Wilbur Road, Williams Avenue, Winding Creek Way, Woodcrest Lane, Woods Edge Road, Zotti Avenue

If you do not see your street listed, please contact us.


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