Candidates file in Old Tappan

Candidates were informed today that their petitions have been accepted by the Municipal Clerk’s office.

District 1
Daniel Pfeiffer
Georgia Lee Ursprung

District 2
Robert Auth
Elsa Auth

District 3
Lois Gallagher
Michael Alessi

Anna Haverilla
Guy Carnazza


RPOT hosting Sheriff Mike Saudino

 The Republican Party of Old Tappan will be holding their monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 28th, at 8 PM upstairs in the Old Tappan Firehouse.

Our speaker line up for the night inculdes:

Bergen County Sheriff Mike Saudino
Bergen County Freeholder Rob Hermansen

Candidates for Bergen County Freeholder:

John Ginty
Fred Goetz
Peg Watkins

Come out and hear what your elected officials are doing for you!


Please take a moment today to thank the brave men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces. From the first shots at Lexington and Concord, to the current wars today in Iraq and Afghanistan, these men and women have fought to protect our freedom. So please, remember those who have served . Remember those who have returned with battered bodies and dark souls. Remember those who have lost their lives for the freedoms that we currently have today. From the Old Tappan Republican County Committee, thank you to all veterans.


Welcome to the Official Website of the Old Tappan Republican County Committee! Headed by Municipal Chairman Robert Auth, the County Committee serves as a liaison between the residents of Old Tappan and different Bergen County offices. Please feel free to explore, and familiarize yourself with your District Representatives.